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BLITZ Boost Controller

  24.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

Compact and adopted new flat body and display. Only 12mm thickness (the thinnest part). It enables flexible mounting in 3-piece structure of the controller unit valve. High visibility 7 segment


  23.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos


EXEDY Stage 1

  21.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

Precision, strength and incomparable quality. Designed for lightly modified vehicles, the Stage 1 Organic clutch incorporates friction material with high heat-resistance properties and high strength fibres making it an ideal

DEFI Sports Display F

  11.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

Defi Sports Display F is a multi-information display with a lap timer. <Release: January, 2018> Regarding compatibilities of OBDII and ADVANCE System, we don’t have information on vehicles which are

AUTOEXE Barras refuerzo

  9.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

Member Brace Set The whole open-structured floor such as the center tunnel and the lower part of fuel tank is thoroughly reinforced by the trussed frame that combines the tenacious


  8.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

DESIGN(CAD/3D-CG / MOCK-UP) Design must be the most critical aspect of YOKOHAMA wheels. Pride in light weight and high strength means nothing without outstanding design. But with wheels, everything cannot

CUSCO Jaula antivuelco (arco de seguridad)

  4.01.2018   DPCparts   Productos

Cusco rollcages are available in steel (Safety 21) or chromoly (D1 Rollcage) material and are 100% bolt-in. These rollcages may comply with certain FIA sanctioned races. They are designed to

GREDDY Identificar copias

  3.01.2018   DPCparts   Info Motor, Productos

Counterfeit         Type-RS / Type-RZ          Blow-Off Valve Alert It has been brought to our attention that there are a few dishonest merchants, on and off

TOMEI Detectar réplicas made in China

  2.01.2018   DPCparts   Info Motor, Productos

This is the first and long awaited announcement of the fake copies of Tomei Powered products that are being sold around the world these days. Read for more important information

DEFI Cómo identificar una copia

  27.12.2017   DPCparts   Info Motor, Productos

Be aware of fakes of Defi products. Thank you for using our product. Recently, package-copied products and fake products which our trademarks (Defi logo and others) and address are put

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