HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt

【Fine Tune Timing Belt】 This timing belts best suited for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulley. Optimized belt strength for each engine application makes the Fine Tune Timing Belt ideal for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulleys for high power/high RPM engine. Belt strength has been optimized for each engine application and designed to allow stable belt […]

HKS EVC6-IR 2.4 Advanced Boost Controller

【EVC6-IR 2.4】 HKS’ Traditional EVC Series  Advanced Boost Controller LCD full colour monitor is upgraded for better visibility. Directly pushing 4 buttons on the unit enables simple settings. Correction map function is added for more precise boost setting. EVC6-IR’s TFT full-color monitor size is enlarged to 2.4 inch from 2.2 inch for better visibility. (The […]

RECARO Sportster CS Performance Edition

BLACK. RED. COOL. More performance. More exclusivity. More design. The latest gem from RECARO Automotive Seating‘s sports seat collection bears the name Sportster CS «Performance Edition». It excels with a unique highlight: finest attention-grabbing carbon-look leather on the headrest and side supports. White contrasting stitching and bright red strips of leather emphasize the excitingly dynamic […]

STI Flexible tower bar

FLEXIBLE TOWER BAR Introducing the FLEXIBLE TOWER BAR that has been developed based on a totally new idea. With one installed in their car, anyone can be good at driving on any type of road. What is the STI Flexible Tower Bar? STI believes that it is important to improve road-holding abilities of wheels in […]

TODA RACING Fightex Damper

FIGHTEX Born into the world of Racing. -All work done in house, total commitment to quality. *A single damper technician is in charge of the whole operation of each damper, disassemblings, cleanings, inspectings, assemblings, and settings are done in a consistent process. Finally all dampers are tested on our damper dynamometer. -Ride height can be […]

BLITZ Carbon Power air cleaner

Carbon power / Advanced power, achieve a high suction efficiency employs a stainless steel mesh filter. The suction area adopted M folding conical body can be maximized, balance suction efficiency and dust collecting performance at a high level. Carbon shield that employs a large-diameter funnel prevents heating of the filter body block the periphery of […]

TOMEI Turbo suction hose (EJ)

Dramatically Reduces Intake Restrictions. Gain More Power & Increased Response. This product was specifically designed to reduce the restriction of the intake airflow to the turbo, which will improve response and achieve increased power gains. The silicones reinforced structural design prevents the deformation of the hose whilst under high loads of pressure. This also increases […]

HKS LA Clutch Twin plate

【LA CLUTCH TWIN PLATE】         The tuning expert HKS provides the clutch system for streets and sports use. Capable torque, pedal effort, and semi-engagement range are closely examined for various driving situations. Despite the support of approximately 700ps, the main concept for the Twin Plate LA Clutch remains the same. Using «MG […]