TEIN cómo indentificar «fakes»

Don’t Be Deceived by Imitation Products!! It’s been reported that the imitation products called «TEINS» probably made in China are coming onto the market. Differences between the authentic TEIN products and the fake products are explained below. Please be careful not to fall for the counterfeits. Threaded damper body of the counterfeit dampers are only […]


Ikeya formula’s Adjustable suspension arm By using arms of our product lineups, you will be able to adjust the changes in the alignment and also correct the roll center position when normal arms are raised and opened up outwards which is often seen in the cars with lowered height. On this page, we will talk about «Suspension geometry» such as […]

HKS Hipermax D’ NOB SPEC

    【HIPERMAX D’ NOB SPEC】D1 Champion Nobuteru Taniguchi supervision. «HIPERMAX-D’ NOB SPEC» is a Suspension for Easy Drifting! Collaboration between HKS and the first D1 champion Mr. Nobuteru Taniguchi created HIPERMAX D’ NOB spec. This is the suspension for «easy drifting.» Stiff suspension is not the only tool for drifting. Mr. Taniguchi and HKS […]

HKS Hipermax series Suspension

HIPERMAX SERIES FOR SPORTS For the best of sporty driving performance. 【MAX IV SP】 The sport model to have a comfortable drive even in the winding road. This «MAX IV SP» is the ultimate sport model for such a high grip radial tire. It will transfer the feelings straight to driver all kinds of information such […]

ENDLESS Suspension

FUNCTION plus 7 / FUNCTION plus 10 Specialized rubber spring sheet absorbs vibration and pursues comfort «FUNCTION-PLUS 7» and «FUNCTION-PLUS 10» are suspension kits which take the driving performance of «FUNCTION-X PLUS», a multi-player suspension which supports everything from streets to winding and track meets, and pursue better comfort in street use. Its features include […]


The New KAAZ SUPERQ L.S.D. is the ultimate clutch type performance differential. Using the same leading technology that kept the KAAZ Limited Slip Differential name iconic… The new SUPERQ units feature more newly developed technology! In today’s market enthusiast want the best of both worlds, full race and street comfort ability. Although some situations can […]


Con una entrada de aire igual que la original, adaptada a la caja del filtro de aire, un resonador moldeado y una mayor eficencia de succión de aire mejorada, se obtiene un mayor rendimiento. Además, se puede usar el filtro de aire de origen. Su fabricación en carbono, tanto la capacidad de entrada de aire, […]