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CUSCO Sway Bar (estabilizadoras)

  29.07.2019   DPCparts   Productos

Sway Bar / Rear additional Sway Bar The Cusco anti-sway bars replace the factory anti-sway bars, (if equipped) and uses the factory mounting locations.  The Cusco anti-sway bar will dramatically reduce body

TOMEI Ti Racing – GT-R R35

  17.07.2019   DPCparts   Productos

Make the most of the beast with this all new, best and super high flow racing exhaust! Precisely tuned for the pure racing sound while keeping the moderate volume. The

HKS pipping kit

  16.07.2019   DPCparts   Productos

【PIPING KIT】 HKS PIPNG KIT for Durability Increase and Consistent Boost Pressure under High Boost Condition. Stock plastic or rubber intercooler pipes can expand or crack under high boost levels.


  21.05.2019   DPCparts   Productos

RACING OIL COOLER KIT RD – oil cooler kit RD Delon cup-type core adoption of the oil cooler which is excellent in cost performance. Adopted the new development of attachment,


  19.05.2019   DPCparts   Productos

TEIN Mono Racing Specifications                   Product Specifications MONO RACING is developed to satisfy the drivers who frequently take their cars for a spin at the race tracks.

CUSCO Twin Plate Clutch System

  14.04.2019   DPCparts   Productos

Twin Plate Clutch System Twin Plate Clutch Systems are designed to hold monster power for street and competition use. Comes with lightweight chromoly flywheel and pressure plates perfectly balanced to


  10.04.2019   DPCparts   Productos

GREDDY AIRINX General purpose air cleaner adopting high performance dry filter Product features Polyurethane made monolithic high performance dry filter. Three-layer structure of steel net and high performance fiber filter

CUSCO Racing Harness

  18.03.2019   DPCparts   Productos

Cusco Racing Harness 6 Point FHR 3″ with tapered shoulder belts (Hans Compatible/ FIA Certified) 6 Point Standard 3″ (FIA Certified) 4 Point Standard 3″ (Non-FIA) Colors Black, Blue, and

HKS Metal Head Gasket

  17.03.2019   DPCparts   Productos

【METAL HEAD GASKET】 The Performance requirement from Head Gasket. As the cylinder block and head are not rigid body, when the Head Bolts are tightened, the gap between the surfaces

COSWORTH Performance – Thermostat

  23.01.2019   DPCparts   Productos

High performance racing engines require upgraded and improved cooling systems for maximum reliability. One important component of the upgraded cooling system is a thermostat that opens to allow coolant passage

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