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  15.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

  Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE ZD is an OLED multi-display. This product needs to be connected to the Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit. By linking to the Defi-Link ADVANCE System, Up to

BLITZ Throttle Controller

  14.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

THRO CON Freely controllable controller accelerator response of the electronic controlled throttle equipped vehicles. Blitz by its own control, sharp response from the sluggish resolved at the time of start,

MUGEN Type R parts (EURO)

  12.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

AERO PARTS Aero Bonnet Aero bonnet equipped with air outlets to vent hot air from the engine Direct replacement for the OE bonnet GFRP, Unpainted Recommended color for air outlet

TRD parts GT86

  7.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

EXTERIOR Recommend Package TRD has set the best aerodynamic balance with below listed parts Front Spoiler Newly designed Front spoiler to match with minor chage bumper cover. (with or without LED)

HKS Racing SQV

  4.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

HKS original 3-chamber structure ensures the stable operation of blow-off valve regardless of the amount of pressure. Large 51mm valve performs great with high power and large displacement engines. Adjustable


  4.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

Typical push-type blow off valves require spring load settings for each vehicle specification. If the spring load setting is too low, the valve may leak under high boost and the

TEIN Mono Sport

  2.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature …… Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality Mono-Tube Structure …… Mono-Tube System to Robustly Convey the Information from Road Surface

EXEDY Hyper Single Series

  1.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

Compact, light weight and the ability to achieve high clamp load while maintaining easy drivability is the next generation of sports clutch design. Light weight & Low inertia design High

EXEDY Hyper Multi Series

  1.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

  From high power tuned drag race to street usage, the EXEDY multi plate is capable of handling a variety of motor sport applications. Center plate self-levelling function(PAT.) The amount

EXEDY Single Sports Series

  1.08.2017   DPCparts   Productos

High Heat Resistance The performance of a standard organic friction material useally suffers after slipping, accordingly EXEDY have developed the “Ultra Fiber” asbestos free material which retains high friction co-efficiency

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