Ikeya formula’s Adjustable suspension arm
By using arms of our product lineups, you will be able to adjust the changes in the alignment and also correct the roll center position when normal arms are raised and opened up outwards which is often seen in the cars with lowered height. On this
page, we will talk about «Suspension geometry» such as » Roll center correction», «Alignment».

«About Changes in Alignment»—–
Since normal arm comprises rubber bush, the alignment changes when the arm receives «force»(stress) and are
«twisted». Additionally, the difference in the car height effects the alignment.
For example,when the suspension bumps, there would be changes in the Negative/Positive direction on «Camber», and In/Out direction on the «Toe», although it differs by types of cars or the structure of suspension system. This brings the issues in, such as the feeling of tire contacted to ground, the responsiveness of steering on breaking, and traction shortage To solve this
issues, we have changed the Rubber bush to Piro ball. Additionally, by adding the adjustable function to the Arm, we have developed product lineup which can accommodate the changes in the alignment.





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