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RACING OIL COOLER KIT RD – oil cooler kit RD Delon cup-type core adoption of the oil cooler which is excellent in cost performance. Adopted the new development of attachment, achieve a variety of attachment. A built-in thermostat to the attachment, can be accurate oil temperature management. The fitting of the new development, high reliability. […]

BLITZ Carbon Power air cleaner

Carbon power / Advanced power, achieve a high suction efficiency employs a stainless steel mesh filter. The suction area adopted M folding conical body can be maximized, balance suction efficiency and dust collecting performance at a high level. Carbon shield that employs a large-diameter funnel prevents heating of the filter body block the periphery of […]

BLITZ Boost Controller

Compact and adopted new flat body and display. Only 12mm thickness (the thinnest part). It enables flexible mounting in 3-piece structure of the controller unit valve. High visibility 7 segment and bar graph display new TN adopted liquid crystal display. It adopted a new development compact high-performance solenoid valve to cope with a high flow […]

BLITZ Throttle Controller

THRO CON Freely controllable controller accelerator response of the electronic controlled throttle equipped vehicles. Blitz by its own control, sharp response from the sluggish resolved at the time of start, achieve up to eco-driving. Newly adopted controller with high visibility VA mode liquid crystal, the main unit, product mix by type of vehicle harness. All […]